Apply to become a new vendor at the Baton Rouge Arts Market and join a diverse community of artists.

The Baton Rouge Arts Market is a monthly market which occurs the first Saturday of every month adjacent to the Red Stick Farmers Market. In addition to the monthly market, there are weekly markets in December plus smaller markets for downtown events like Sunday in the Park and Festival of Lights.

How we select vendors:

For twenty years, the Baton Rouge Arts Market (BRAM) has hosted regional artists and craftsmen in an effort to bring original, quality handmade goods to the public. It is our mission to assist these entrepreneurs in building their business by offering them a consistent, cost-effective way to sell their work and connect directly with the local community. The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge works continuously to remain relevant and appealing to the public interest, so that participating artists can a) grow as business owners b) sell optimally, and c) continue to create new and improved inventory. For this reason, the Arts Council is committed to curating a diverse, high quality market which is commercially appealing to draw the largest number of customers. The Baton Rouge Arts Market is a juried market. Each completed application is evaluated by an anonymous jury selected by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge.

Vendors are carefully selected based on the following criteria:

-       All items must be handmade*

In addition, the following is considered:

-       Quality of craftsmanship

-       Finishing

-       Packaging

-       Booth presentation

-       Relevance

-       Technical skill

-       Originality

-       Use of materials

The following items are not acceptable:

-       Crafts created from kits

-       Booths used primarily for lead generation

-       Products with offensive messages/imagery

-       Crafts assembled entirely from commercially made components

-       Items exclusively created from commercially made foods

-       Items with blatant copyright infringement issues

*Photography, digital art, and printmaking are considered handmade in this instance as long as there is no copyright infringement in the content of the work and the work is original to the artist submitting the application. No work can be introduced into the market without first being juried.

Baton Rouge Arts Market

Vendor Rules and Regulations

Baton Rouge Arts Market, hereby known as BRAM, is a program of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, hereby known as ACGBR. ACGBR governs the Baton Rouge Arts Market and is the final authority on any related decisions. The artists and craftsmen accepted into BRAM will be referred to in this document as Vendors. The following rules and regulations ensure that a fair and consistent structure is in place to create a quality market experience for all participants and apply to ALL vendors participating in BRAM.

Submitting this completed application denotes that you have read, understood, and will comply with all market rules listed here and/or as directed by BRAM staff. No BRAM exhibitor may participate in the Market until a digital copy or original signed waiver has been received by BRAM staff. Once accepted, you will be given a waiver to sign.

Violation of any part of the Rules and Regulations will result in first, a written warning from the BRAM staff. At second violation, the vendor will be prohibited from participating in the next three (3) markets. (Booth fees paid in advance will be forfeited.)

BRAM markets are typically held on the first Saturday of every month, with 3 markets in December, unless otherwise scheduled by BRAM staff. Please refer to the complete list of BRAM market dates on the Baton Rouge Arts Market page of our website. Market hours are 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. SET UP is the day of the Market only. Exhibitors may set up no earlier than 6 a.m. on the day of the Market. All exhibitor booths must be completely set up by 7:45 a.m. TAKE DOWN of any booth may not begin before 12:00 p.m.

Artists must be accepted for display by a jury committee which includes 3-5 outside jurors.

For the monthly market downtown, a single booth is $30.00 for members and $40.00 for non-members of the ACGBR. For other art markets sponsored by ACGBR, the costs will be determined as needed.

PARKING is not allowed along the immediate perimeter of the BRAM marketplace during market hours. Vehicles are not allowed in the marketplace under any circumstances. Vendors are allowed to park while they unload, then must move vehicles off site. As of noon, artists are allowed to bring vehicles onto the marketplace for load out.

Your Business and BRAM

Vendors must comply with all federal, state, and local regulations, special statutes and ordinances regarding public health, safety and welfare, including but not limited to, product labeling laws and required licenses. All Vendors are responsible for the collection of City-Parish and State Sales tax, where applicable. Neither BRAM nor ACGBR will collect or pay any taxes on behalf of any vendors. PLEASE NOTE THAT BRAM GUIDELINES DO NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE.  VENDORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLYING WITH LEGAL OBLIGATIONS IN THE JURISDICTION(S) WHERE THEY OPERATE.


·       Vendor must be able to show any BRAM staff member and/or any regulatory agency representative proof of any and all required licenses upon request.

·       Vendors are allowed to sell only those items formally approved during the BRAM jury process.


Items Prohibited at BRAM

·       Items not included in a Vendor’s application and, therefore, not approved.

·       Products made from kits.

·       Booths which only process orders for artwork/products.

·       Items made by someone other than the vendor.

·       Re-sale, imported or manufactured items.

·       Flea market re-sale items.

·       Antiques or used products.

·       Licensed logos, like university mascots or company logos.

Ethics and Conduct

·       Vendors shall be aware of, keep up to date, and comply with ALL current BRAM rules and regulations. BRAM reserves the right to modify the policies, rules and regulations at its discretion. Any changes made to BRAM’s rules and regulations will be clearly communicated to the vendor population, in writing via the monthly Vendor Update email or in a separate email communication, as appropriate. While BRAM officials will make every attempt to be reasonable, be aware that violators may be banned from future participation even through their work may have been previously approved and booth rental fees paid.

·       Vendors shall conduct themselves in a professional and business-like manner while participating in BRAM.

·       Vendors must treat BRAM staff, volunteers, fellow vendors, and visitors with professionalism, courtesy and respect. Slanderous or derogatory statements and other actions that denigrate your fellow vendors, their products, patrons, or BRAM officials will not be tolerated. Any vendor who consistently displays distasteful behavior will be dismissed at the discretion of the Director of the BRAM or CEO.

·       Vendors must refrain from using profanity, and from behavior that is verbally or physically abusive or dangerous and disruptive to BRAM activities.

·       BRAM is a co-operative; it is not a competitive environment. While caps may be placed on the number of vendors in each category, BRAM does not facilitate monopolies in the market.

·       Vendors may not use illegal or mood-altering drugs or be under the influence of these items or alcohol while participation in BRAM.

Booth Displays, Tents and Tables

·       In general, booth spaces are 12’X 12’, but booths, tents and exhibits may be no larger than 10’x10’ to allow walking room between tents. All display materials, tables and signs must be kept within the confines of your booth space. Vendors may not use any grass spaces for display or storage.


·       All extra inventory and stock must be contained inside your 12’x12’ area. All extra inventories should be nicely covered and not immediately visible.

·       White tents are required.

·       All tents must be flame retardant. 

·       Vendors are not allowed to bring or use any type of generator at the BRAM market.

·       All tents are to be anchored by at least 20lb weights on each leg, at all times; stakes are not permitted.

·       All tables must be draped and/or nicely covered.

·       Avoid using rigid materials such as fiberglass, Visqueen, polyethelyne or corrugated metal and plastic.

·       If booth is constructed of wood, please be sure that it is well finished with no protruding nails, screw or hooks.

·       If you are building your booth on site, do not use nails as they can puncture tires.

·       BRAM reserves the right to regulate various aspects of each display.

·       BRAM is an all-weather market. Please be prepared to protect your products from slight rain and sun.  If bad weather is imminent, a decision may be made to move the Market inside the parking garage used for the Main Street Market. BRAM consults with BREADA (Baton Rouge Farmer’s Market) to make this decision, but we reserve the right to move our market independently as we understand artwork is expensive. You will be notified of the move before 6am on the day of the Market.

·       Booth assignments are made via an online system.

·       Trading or switching booth assignments without permission from the BRAM Manager is prohibited.

Jurying and Standards

·       All vendors are required to be juried at least once every three years.

·       Newer vendors, those who have been vendors for less than three years, will be required to go through the jury process annually.

·       All vendors, no matter their tenure, are required to adhere to all rules and regulations in order to maintain a high standard at the Market.

·       Jurors will change over time in order to maintain fairness and diversity.

·       Jurying will be open to new artists at least twice a year, or more often.

·       Upon acceptance of your initial application into the Market, should your product not represent what was submitted during the jurying process, BRAM officials may remove you from the list of approved vendors immediately. 

·       Once you become a vendor, in addition to adhering to the previously referenced rules and regulations, the following standards may or may not be considered as part of the jurying process:

o   Public appeal

o   Rate of sales

o   Professionalism & Attitude

o   Booth appearance

o   Innovation

BRAM reserves the right to reject any contract for exhibit space and reject any exhibitor. BRAM reserves the right to remove (Have VENDOR remove) any item(s) from their display. Failure to remove such items upon request by BRAM staff may result in Vendor losing the opportunity to participate in future markets.

NOTE: The next jury will meet in AUGUST 2019. You will not hear back about your application before this date.