October 9, 2018 Artist to Watch: Judi Betts


Judi Betts

A Baton Rouge treasure 

First place winner of the 2018 River Road Show.

Judi Betts AWS, NWS has attained an international reputation for her transparent watercolor paintings. Her paintings have won over 100 awards in major competitions i.e. The National Academy of Design, American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Watercolor USA. This summer she has won first place in the River Road Show, organized by the Art Guild of Louisiana, the American Watercolor Society's Most Prestigious Award for 2018, and her work will be a feature at the AWS's traveling exhibition for the next year. Betts has been an artist member of the Baton Rouge Gallery since 1963, and has shown her work all around the globe. With all this going on, in Judi's world this summer we thought it would be nice to sit down and have a chat to learn more about this amazing painter, and share her work with you!

What brought you to Baton Rouge and when did you arrive?
Tom Betts and I moved here in 1959. He was in the shipping business with Cargo Carrier, a subsidiary of Cargill Grain.

What are your thoughts on the arts opportunities in Baton Rouge?
Artists in this area are fortunate to have a few opportunities for exhibiting their work. It's up to each artist to pursue venues for showing their creativity. No one will come knocking on the door. We must each take every path we can to show the public what we are doing.

Were you always interested in painting?
I was encouraged in art by my parents and teachers. It's fun to say "I never put my crayons away".

Who are you influenced by?
In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s I studied extensively with watercolor painters in California. Some are Rex Brandt and Joan Irving, Millard Sheets, Milford Zornes, and George Post.

What do you like about the culture of Baton Rouge?
For me it is very exciting to live in a city with a large university. There are endless opportunities in music and art. You must get involved.

Do you have any upcoming events?
I am traveling to Poplar Bluff, MO to attend the opening of Watercolor Now at the museum. The exhibit is the work of 60 members of Watercolor USA Honor Society. I am a charter member.

Where can folks go to see your work online, and in person?
In May I'll be participating in a three person exhibit at the Baton Rouge Gallery. People can also view my work on my website at judibettsaws.com

And lastly, ladies and gentlemen, lets all take a moment (or about 20 minutes) to let Judi teach us how to paint some chickens: