January 1, 2019 Artist to Watch: Ingrid Nacole Williams

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Ingrid Nacole Williams

Behind the lens,

bringing out the beauty

Ingrid has been taking on her recent passion for photography with the fervor of someone who’s finally found their calling in life. She’s always been drawn to people and culture, so photography seems like a natural fit; putting her in the middle of all the festivals and special moments in the lives of our community. We took some time to talk with her about her work, and what moves her to capture Baton Rouge at its finest.

What brought you to Baton Rouge and when did you arrive?

I am a native of Plaquemine, Louisiana and have been living in Baton Rouge ever since I went to college at Southern University.

What are your thoughts on the arts opportunities in Baton Rouge?

If there ever was a time to thrive as an artist, this is it.  There are so many opportunities to showcase your talent, especially through the Baton Rouge Arts Council.  I loved photographing the Arts Council events because it gave me the opportunity to interact with other artists.  Being a part of an art community is inspiring because I am able to collaborate with and learn from other artists.

Were you always interested in photography?

I actually picked up a camera three years ago at my friend’s beach wedding and never wanted to put it down since.  So I decided to take a class with wildlife photographer, Amy Shutt, who taught me the fundamentals of photography.  Most of the people in my class had an interest in nature photography, but I was really drawn to people.  Photography has become my passion.  Now, my mission is to show people how beautiful they are through my lens … how God sees them.

This year things came full circle for me as a photographer.  I had the opportunity to photograph for New Orleans Jazz Festival which put me in contact with major recording artists.  I was able to photograph concerts for those artists  this year and some of those photographs were published in a magazine.  Also, my former instructor invited me to discuss my portfolio to her class.  I was able to give back some of the knowledge I had learned through trial and error.  That was really rewarding.  Lastly, I sold  my first portraits, thanks to the Arts Council.   Since then, I have been busy photographing engagement photos, senior portraits, concerts, weddings and major events.

Who are you influenced by?

As a photographer, I am heavily influenced by Herman Leonard’s images capturing the Jazz era in New Orleans.  I am a avid music fan , so as far as current music photography goes, I am inspired by photographers like Mick Rock, Bruce Talamon, Afshin Shahidi and Mathieu Bitton, who dedicated their lives photographing artists like David Bowie, Earth Wind & Fire, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz.  When it comes to portraits,  I am moved by the drama and simplistic elegance of the images by  Annie Leibovitz, Sue Bryce, and Gordon Parks.  I would love to be as successful as they have been. 

What do you like about the culture of Baton Rouge?

I love my city!  Baton Rouge has a little bit of everything.  You can find films at the Louisiana Film Festival, music at Blues Festival and Ebb & Flow Festival, delicious food at any of our numerous restaurants and even fashion during Baton Rouge Fashion Week.  I just open up my event bible (225 magazine) and fill up my calendar each month.

Do you have any upcoming events?

I am working on collaborating with various artists and plan to have an art show by the end of 2019.  I would love to work for a publication this year.

Where can folks go to see your work online, and in person?

You can find me online at:  https://inwilliams.myportfolio.com/about-ingrid-nacole-2  You can also find me on Instagram as IngridNacole and Facebook as Ingrid Williams or Ingrid Nacole Photography.