February 26, 2019 Artist to Watch: John Scott


John Scott

Finding Movement in the Flames 

John Scott is a different kind of mover than we have hosted here in the past, he dances with fire! He’s not afraid to push his craft to the limits to bring excitement and joy to his audience and more importantly to himself. He’s co-owner of local circus performance arts group Bayou Cirque, and he’s found his calling in moving with the elements. He paused his busy schedule briefly to talk with us about it in our Artist to Watch blog this week.

Were you an artsy kid?

Early in my life I realized I wanted to monkey on everything, and that has only escalated as I have aged. As a child I was sort of an artsy kid, but mostly was interested in more physical activities like climbing everything, martial arts, skateboarding or extreme athletics.  I grew up racing four wheelers, dirt bikes, horses and jet skis, I have always thirsted for the thrill of adventure.

What’s your background?

I’ve been doing trim carpentry for years and have a background in a variety of trade skills. During my off time I’m usually training, doing extreme sports, exploring, traveling and doing circus arts. I have always had a passion for the movement arts.

When did you first start getting into movement? 

I have been training circus arts collectively for 5 years, and study a variety of forms and props: Parkour, acrobatics, balance skills, acro-yoga, Juggling, stilts and globe walking, contact, acro and dragon staff, poi/meteor(s), rope dart, meteor dart, and ox-bow. I am a co-owner of Bayou Cirque, and have been working on creating a circus arts community here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for years. 

What are "Flow Arts?"

Flow arts is a style of circus arts, We are able to combine martial arts, dance, mediation, and music to create beautiful displays of skill and art. Flow has given me a physically creative art form to express myself and to share with others. 

When did you introduce fire into your movement?

I watched fire spinning for my first time in a parking lot after the Southdowns parade years ago, and was immediately captivated. We have spun fire in this same parade for the past two years now.

What gets you really excited for what you do?

I decided I wanted to be a great performer of the flow arts, so I started traveling to conventions and gatherings of people who study these forms. After years of practice, experience, and learning from others I gathered enough information to start teaching these arts. Now I travel around and perform at various events throughout the United States. I believe teaching flow arts has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Watching the students learn a performance skill, grow confidence in themselves and watch a spark light within them is an unbelievable experience. This is why we are working hard bring the social circus to the community around us. Spreading smiles, laughs, amazement, and frights we are Bayou Cirque. We perform all around Louisiana

Where can people go see you in person or online? 

If you would like to come see us perform our performances are posted into the Bayou Cirque calendar on our website. https://bayoucirque.com/