August 13, 2019 Artist to Watch: Loveday Funck

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Dream Cottage by Loveday Funck

Dream Cottage by Loveday Funck

Lord Jaune Dapper by Loveday Funck.jpg
Lord Jaune Dapper

Lord Jaune Dapper

Loveday Funck

Louisiana based artist, Loveday Funck started her career in art later in life, but her love of history and whimsy have been a constant interest.  Making use of a talent for the manipulation of digital images, she creates a twisted fairy tale world, finding her inspiration in the centuries old buildings and graveyards of New Orleans and the unique sites that dot the Acadiana landscape.

 Her art has been recognized in international juried exhibitions as well as competitions.  Her work often amuses as her sense of humor is revealed in juxtaposing  the world of  formal, Victorian era photography with the portraits of modern pets or other animals.

Working from antique imagery and her own photography, Loveday Funck turns her eye to the intersection of history and the fantastic. Combining the surreal experience of her heart with the images of historic Louisiana she creates a whimsical, colorful, and usually macabre world. Come and partake in its skewed sacrament.

Were you an artsy kid, and what got you started in art?

I wouldn't use the work "artsy" but I was always a very creative child, even my stuffed animals had involved relationships and long backstories. My love of art started with my love of storytelling. I always think of artwork as a starting place for the imagination.

How did you learn your craft?

I tinkered a little with very simple graphic design with Photoshop and as time went on, I started to explore the possibilities of being able to express the image in my head digitally.

What other artist or people are you inspired by?

Frida Kahlo inspires me. She lived through her work. Even though she spent so much of her life in horrible pain, she never stopped trying to contribute to the world. She wanted to make the world a better place, expressing that passion through her artwork.

How long have your been a Baton Rouge Arts Market artist? Explain your journey and your experiences.

I've been a Baton Rouge Arts Market artist for over five years. I started on this journey after I enrolled in the art marketing class offered by the Arts Council of Baton Rouge. The class opened my eyes to all the possibilities available to be as an artist in the Baton Rouge area: exhibitions, markets, and interactions with other artists.

What would you tell someone that is thinking about starting a professional career as an artist?

Start with baby steps. Do your research. Find out where you can sell your work locally, reach out and network with other local artists. We're always happy to help each other out with information and tips.

What are your plans this fall?

I will be selling my artwork at a lot of different local festivals and markets: from the Oddities and Curiosities Show in New Orleans to the first Saturday Baton Rouge Arts Market to Mega Art Night at the Londoner.

Where can people see your work online and in person?

My work is available for viewing and sale on my website: . In person, my artwork is currently being sold in the LSU Museum Store at the Shaw Center as well as at many local markets like the first Saturday Baton Rouge Arts Market.