Eric Garcia

August 6, 2019


Eric Garcia is the owner of Geauxgarcia Photography, specializing in weddings and special occasion portraits. 

Was it always your dream to be a photographer? 

Truth be told, I can remember my first answer to the whole “what do you want to be when you grow up” question. I was around 4 and it was for my pre-school graduation. My answer (enthusiastically) was “the blue power ranger.” I jumped off the altar, did the whole *pose* and everything - I was an energetic kid haha.

But in all truth, photography was a hobby way before it was a job for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hands. From family vacations, hanging out with friends, to literally just sitting at home, I’ve always taken pictures. But during college, I started practicing with taking photos of friends for special occasions and I realized how much I enjoyed that. Throughout grad school, I started accepting paying gigs and slowly teaching myself the ins and outs of editing. I didn’t know it yet, but I was setting the groundwork for a small part-time side hustle. While I was working my first full-time job in digital marketing, I was starting to see some of that progress happen outside of work, gaining new clients and accepting some new challenges. Soon after, during my second job in digital marketing, I began to feel pretty overwhelmed with the combination of my daily job and everything I had to do after I clocked out. In September 2017, I decided to go full-time Geauxgarcia and see where life took me! Fast forward to now, almost two years later, I could not feel more blessed to call this my job! 

What brought you to Baton Rouge? 
I’m originally from Houma, LA - I came to Baton Rouge in 2009 for LSU. I earned my Bachelor’s in Marketing in 2013 (I was specifically interested in digital marketing). Immediately following, I earned my Master’s in Business Administration in 2015 (concentrated in internal auditing and marketing analytics). I know, haha, nothing to do with photography or art or design. I’ve learned most of the photo life by trial-and-error, which I like to think has made it more fun to experience. I also have mentors and close friends in the industry - it’s a great community where we help each other out when we’re looking to learn new things. 

What are your thoughts on the photography culture in Baton Rouge?

I am so grateful to be in an industry filled with such a warm welcoming culture. I’ve loved meeting as many local photographers and creatives as possible over the last few years. There are so many opportunities and potential clients out there in the city and surrounding areas that I can honestly say I’ve never felt competition, but a community of collaboration. I feel very comfortable extending recommendations to people who I think would be a better fit for specific projects or asking for help if I ever need assistance with an event or learning a new technique. I’ve so enjoyed watching Baton Rouge grow into a creative environment for so many individuals to learn and grow together.  

What’s your favorite thing to photograph? 

That’s tough to answer! Basically I love people pictures. I work with tons of brides, grads, mommas and kiddos. One of the things I love most about the job is that I get to work with people on their absolute happiest days - from their wedding day, to celebrating graduation, getting a new job, having a baby, so many awesome life moments. And I get to be there to help document it, what’s not to love about that!

When I began shooting weddings, I was pretty nervous. Thinking about the trust the bride and groom have for you, the moments you can’t recreate. Over time, those things were what got me most excited - that challenge, that feeling that you get to help them remember their big day! Over the last couple years, I’ve gotten to photograph so many beautiful weddings! And I’m looking forward to all the weddings to come!

How can readers find more of your work? 

I update my instagram almost everyday with another client! Check them out over at @geauxgarcia.