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Debose Fine Arts Festival Series-Competition

  • 201 Community College Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70806 (map)

EMBRACING THE ARTS through Outreach and Discovery, as a signature theme, of the DeBose programs encompasses components which provide qualitative enrichment to multiple Fine Arts Education areas. As an ancillary resource, the DeBose Fine Arts Series is characterized by open opportunities, partnerships and multi-discipline collaboration, designed to salute and showcase teacher and student achievement based on curriculum and studio criterion in Literary, Visual and Performing Arts. 

IMPACT: The project provides opportunities which meet enrichment needs, allowing for partnerships
and corporate initiatives. Immediate and long-range benefits to EBR residents: 
a. On-stage performances by student artists who emerging through arts engagement;
a. Open activities which celebrate Louisiana Music, available to students and families;
b. d. Accessibility spreads across racial and socio-economic lines;
c. Encourages contributions to the Arts; and stimulates volunteerism
ed by advocacy, supporting existing Louisiana Education standards and National Education initiatives.