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Red Stick International Digital Festival

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Red Stick International Festival ’18 promises to be bigger and better than the 2017 event. This year's festival will focus on Digital Media ﴾including, but not limited to animation﴿, maker‐fairs, experimental music concerts, digital art exhibits, game jams and other technology derived events. Come see what the cutting edge of digital looks like and take a glimpse into the future.

  • On April 24th Esports LSU ﴾@EsportsLSU﴿ will host an e‐sports symposium.

  • On April 25th attend the Video Game Symposium and join guests who work at Twitch and on games such as SSX, League of Legends, Need For Speed.

  • Also, Futurefest will feature student work in digital art, video games, and animation. Come and see work by future designers, programmers, and digital artists.

  • An EMDM immersion expo will show the future of electronic and experimental music.

  • On April 28 at the Kid's lab promises an interactive journey to inspire today's youth to be tomorrow's innovators. And the Maker Expo will showcase makers from around the area including Acadian Robotics, the only 3D printer manufacturer in Louisiana, and LSU’s Digital Media Arts & Engineering program.

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