The Connections Program serves to connect artists and civic, retail, or educational spaces that serve as alternatives to traditional gallery spaces. Thoughtfully curated works influence the space where installed, positively affecting employee and client attitudes, and all who the enjoy the space.

If you are a business or artist and would like to participate in this program please contact the President & CEO Renee Chatelain, for more information.



CI Group

The CI Group’s Downtown Baton Rouge office is located on the corner of Main St and 3rd and has been partnering with us for 2 years to showcase local artists in their showroom.


PArish attorney

The office of the Parish Attorney has partnered with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to show their support for the arts and artists in the community that they work to represent.


Southern University’s Small Business Center

The Small Business Center on the campus of Southern University has been partnered with us for a year to showcase the work of local artists to students and new entrepreneurs in the community.