Professional Development: Dance


The Evolving BodyBrain

October 5th, 2018 ● 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Grades K-12 ● Theatre Baton Rouge Social Room

When you peer into the DNA of a well-structured dance lesson, you will see that elements of math and science are essential components of this dynamic BodyBrain experience. This workshop will introduce methods to connect the creative and kinesthetic process to broaden the students’ understanding of the world around them. We will explore how to devise effective, functional blueprints for lesson plans, how to better use intentional language to facilitate a productive learning experience, and identify the real possibilities for growth and development that exist at the junction of dance/movement and math/science.

Presenter information:

Mina Estrada is a ruminator of dance, among other things, and attempts to commit a substantial amount of time to teaching, creating, and facilitating some kind of dance experience for herself and those who care to join. She received her MFA in Dance at Temple University, and her choreography and workshops, which are rooted in contemporary movement concepts and improvisation, have been commissioned by several college, high school and studio dance programs, and professional companies including Spelman College, Grand Valley State University, Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, and Todd Rosenlieb Dance. She is always in hot pursuit of great storytellers, generous muses, equilibrium, and more time to pet her cats, smile at her husband, and hang out with Mother Nature.