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The Arts Council’s Firehouse Gallery is a public space available to rent for exhibitions, rehearsals, private and public events. The gallery is a 1700 square foot finished space on the second-level of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, located at 427 Laurel Street in Downtown Baton Rouge. The space offers generous open floor and wall- hanging spaces, natural light from a large picture window and hard wood floors.

For more information and to rent the space, contact curator Kelsey Livingston at or call 225-344-8558 ext. 223.

Regular Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, and reception times listed below.

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Five Friends

Five artists and long-time friends will exhibit and perform music, poetry and fiction in a mixed-media event and exhibition. The graphic art will include photographs, paintings, and mixed media pieces. The music will be original jazz, folk and rock performed by the composers. The readings will be poems and fiction read by the authors.

The Artists

  • Charles deGravelles has published fiction and poetry in literary journals and anthologies. His books include The Well Governed Son (New Orleans Poetry Journal Press) and Billy Cannon: A Long, Long Run (LSU Press) which won the Louisiana Library Association Best Book of 2015. He is also a composer, photographer, and painter.

  • Michael Palmintier is best known musically as the lead singer in the Bench Bar Boogie Band, a popular Baton Rouge band. He has performed his original music in a wide variety of venues.

  • Ed Ruzicka’s poetry has been widely published in top literary journals. His premier collection is Engines of Belief (Abenbook).

  • John S. Tarlton is a novelist and short-story writer whose published work includes the novels Window Facing West (Bridgeworks) and The Cost of Doing Business (Bridgeworks). He has also published literary journals and anthologies of southern fiction.

  • Nancy Von Brock is an art teacher (University High School) and painter whose works have been exhibited in galleries and juried exhibits.


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Tenderly Kept

By Madeline Cahill

Tenderly Kept is a body of work that explores the concept of attachment. This piece investigates the belongings we preserve when former lovers leave our lives and the reasons those things are kept.  In this body of work, I dive into the way that our memories connect us to inanimate objects relating to an old flame, ex-lover or almost lover. I find this subject to be fascinating due to an obsession with objects of memory; things that force us to reminisce on a certain time in our life, a certain experience or a certain person. The memories attached to the objects hold more value than the object themselves. Love letters, ticket stubs, stuffed animals, and clothing are just a few of the things that I have included in this project.” - Cahill

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