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Artwork shown: Adrianna Speer, 2017

Artwork shown: Adrianna Speer, 2017

The Arts Council’s Firehouse Gallery is a public space available to rent for exhibitions, rehearsals, private and public events. The gallery is a 1700 square foot finished space on the second-level of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, located at 427 Laurel Street in Downtown Baton Rouge. The space offers generous open floor and wall- hanging spaces, natural light from a large picture window and hard wood floors.

For more information and to rent the space, contact curator Kelsey Livingston at or call 225-344-8558 ext. 223.

Regular Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, and reception times listed below.

Want to volunteer with the Firehouse Gallery? We’d love that! Click HERE to fill out our volunteer application form to help us with exhibition installations or artist receptions.

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Artists in the Classroom: A Celebration of Arts in Education, aims to honor those who assist in providing a well rounded education to the students in our community through art instruction and experience. The show offers a space for these individuals to share their stories and perspective through a chosen medium, and reminds us that arts teachers poses the desire to create and further their artistic practice. In conjunction with Nation al Teacher Appreciation month, The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge wishes to honor teachers of all art disciplines and is grateful for their service.

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