DATE: march 19-28, 2018

About IPEP India

International Print Exchange Programme, India is a non-profit initiative through which artist-printmakers share their work with each-other across the globe. Participants individually exhibit the IPEP compiled portfolio in their respective locations and get to add it to their own collection. Consequently, their work gets exhibited internationally. IPEP boosts networking among printmakers and creates awareness about printmaking as an art form among its viewers. Within 5 years, this initiative has spawned into 120 participants from 25 countries exhibiting at 39 locations worldwide.


About Founder, Curator

IPEP is curated by Rajesh Pullarwar, an artist-printmaker himself. He attempts to bring together artists in various stages of their careers on an equal aesthetic footing, irrespective of their works’ commercial value. What he started as a small informal platform for interaction among printmakers in 2013, has now assumed a formal structure providing a curatorial context.


How IPEP Functions:

Every year IPEP India chooses a topic to make a universal appeal to people from all walks of life. It hopes they will connect and link aesthetics with the issues of living. Around June it gives an open call to artist-printmakers for an online registration and send their ideas as rough sketches with notes based on the chosen theme. Those selected are required to mail final prints in a certain number of editions to IPEP which are then compiled as the year’s IPEP portfolio. IPEP invited art-writers analyse, document and critique the portfolio and provide a context to the process. Each participant receives one copy of this portfolio and exhibits it in their own part of the world, creating discussions around the theme and technique and share its documentation.

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