Arts Fans


Alpha Media & Public Relations
    Todd Sterling
Melissa Arnold
Cindy and Brad Black
Jim and Janie Brandt
Douglass Stewart Coleman
Peter Conroy
Darlene and Robert Daigrepont
Mr. and Mrs. James Epperson
Travis and Ashley Fabre
Lauren and Derek Fitch
Bryan & Cristina Fontenot
    Brown & Brown
Barbara Friscia
Marjorie Green
Roberta Guillory
Laurie Hartwig
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Jackson
D.C. Jensen
Cary Koch
David Lindenfeld
Jane Nell & Larry Luster,
    Com-Link, LLC
Anne and Andrew Maverick
Barbara and Camp Matens
Micheline D. Millender
Landy Bruce Morgan
Robbie Phillabaum in honor of The
    Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre

Jean Rohloff
Shauna Sanford

Mr. and Mrs. James Stenhouse
J. Richard Williams
Stephen Wilson Stained Glass
Robert Wise


Arts Supporters


Acme Refrigeration
Jenny Ballard
Branden Barker
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bell

Clarence O. Brown, III
Father John Carville
Cathy Coates and Brian Hales
Jan and Bill Daly
Emily & Chris Dykes
Caroline Flint
Lisa and Eddie Gardner
Rachel & Mark Hausmann
Rei Heroman
Rose J. Hudson
Megan and Adam Knap
Anne Marks
Mikki and Kellen Mathews
Robyn Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Ogden
Gerald and Janice Pellar
Mr. and Mrs. Tensey Pricer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Randolph
Jean and Will Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Willingham


Arts Enthusiasts


Scott Chenevert
William and Leslie Day
Earl George
Bill & Jan Grimes
Dr. Robert Grissom
Scott and Lauren Hensgens
Melanie and Brian Jackson
Libby Falk Jones and Roger Jones in
    memory of Myron Falk and Mary Eaton

Charles Lamar
Michael Loveless
    in memory of Bill B. Loveless
Suzanne Marquette
Wayne Miley Foundation
Susan Puyau
Monique Scott-Spaulding
    in memory of Glenda Scott Anthony
Nancy and Paul Stich
John A. Thomas and Elizabeth "Boo"
    Thomas Family Fund of the Baton
    Rouge Area Foundation
Sharon Truxillo
Dr. Todd & Kelin Queen


Arts Patrons


Baton Rouge Water Company
    in honor of Eleanor Owen Kerr
Edie and Ralph Bender
Susan R. and Frederic T. Billings, III
Michelle A. Carriere
Sunshine Cleaners
Linda and John Davies
Patricia A. Day and Joseph G.
    Simmons Fund of the Baton
    Rouge Area Foundation
Mary Virginia deGravelles Fund of
    the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Eaton
Dr. Keith Gibson and Elise Allen
John Hooper
John Jackson, Launch Media
Stephanie Levert, JB Levert
    Foundation, Inc.
Richard and Susan Lipsey
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Major
Layne & Jill McDaniel
Hays Owen
Sharon Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Roussel
Linda Saurage
Donna M. Saurage Fund of the
    Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Emily Stewart
Willie C. Johnson Fund of the Baton
    Rouge Area Foundation
Madhuri Yadlapati

Arts Benefactors


Renee Chatelain and Kevin Lyle
Melissa Cresson, Kean Miller LLP
Donna Lyle DiChiara Family Fund of
    the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Brian and Barbara Haymon
Louisiana Companies

Arts Sustainers


BR & R Foundation
Cordell and Ava Haymon Fund of the
    Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Mary Terrell Joseph
Mary Frey and Lewis Wilmot Eaton, Jr.
    Family Fund of the Baton Rouge
    Area Foundation
Josef Sternberg Memorial Fund of
    the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
J.D. and Patsy R. Lyle Family Fund of
    the Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Jennifer and Sean Reilly Family Fund of
    the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
The Catherine L. & Edward A. Lozick

Winifred and Kevin P. Reilly Jr. Fund
    of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Alma Lee, Norman and Cary Saurage
    Fund of the Baton Rouge
    Area Foundation
Mr. John G. Turner and
    Mr. Jerry G. Fischer