Outreach Performances

River City Jazz Masters Outreach Performances

Our River City Jazz Masters School Performances are designed to provide students with a unique experience that exposes them to various styles of jazz music in an authentic theatre setting. School performances contain educational components that fulfill selected National Core Arts Standards in music, as well as Louisiana Student Standards in English Language Arts and Social Studies. This year, we will also offer an open sound check and question/answer session, which will be free and open to the public. These performances are held at the Manship Theatre and are in close proximity to other museums and cultural organizations in the downtown Baton Rouge area. To reserve your tickets, please contact Leea Russell, Director of Education and Community Engagement at lrussell@artsbr.org or (225) 344-8558 ext. 227. 

If you are interested in engaging your class with jazz music on a deeper level, consider incorporating our free Introduction to Jazz Curriculum into your lesson plans. Click below to learn more about this curriculum and print your free materials today!


School performance: Etienne charles, creole soul

February 27, 2019 ● 10:30 AM

Manship Theatre ● Downtown Baton Rouge

$10 per student ticket

1 free chaperone/teacher ticket with the purchase of 10 student tickets

Open sound check/Q&A Session with Monterey jazz festival on tour

March 28, 2019 ● 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Manship Theatre ● Downtown Baton Rouge

FREE and open to the public

flamenco rouge.jpg

Flamenco Rouge Outreach Performances

Through educational outreach and residency programs, Flamenco Rouge seeks to educate and enlighten persons of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds by exposing them to the art of flamenco dance and guitar. Flamenco Rouge is available for performances, single classes, or week-long residencies for the following dates:

January 21-25, 2019

February 18-22, 2019

March 18-22, 2019

April 4-8, 2019

April 22-29, 2019

June 3-7, 2019

To learn more about how to bring this unique art form to your school or community organization at no cost, please contact Leea Russell, Director of Education and Community Engagement at lrussell@artsbr.org or (225) 344-8558.227