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April 24, 2017
April 28, 2017
Converse: Recent work by Joelle Ferrara - RECEPTION: April 28, 2017 at the Firehosue Gallery

Exhibition: On view at the Firehouse Gallery from April 24-28, 2017

427 Laurel Street, Baton Rouge LA, 70801

Reception: April 28, 2017, 6:00pm - 9:00pm


I am interested in providing a platform for the user to engage in a conversation with my work, which includes functional ceramics and sculptural environments.

In my ceramics, the use of texture is the conversation starter and serves as a guide to the user’s fingers as they move across pinched surfaces, onto carved lines, and over peaks and valleys created by brush marks. Responding directly to the actions of my hands -- pinching, smoothing, and shaping -- the clay develops into soft forms, and in turn, playful surface treatments develop into angular compositions.  In this way, organic forms and geometric surfaces work together to create balanced compositions.

Materials inspire my sculptures and influence form through their individual properties.  The decision to include both rigid and pliable components into the pieces echoes the same contrasting qualities of the organic and geometric that are expressed in my ceramics.  Because the function of these sculptures is to create an environment, they are free to explore form and utilize material to alter space in a manner that is more immersive than tableware.

Whether a moment is experienced through an object, or through an environment I continue to use functionality as a means to explore both.



Joelle Ferrara is a functional potter and sculptor born and raised in Baton Rouge. She has been enamored with handmade objects from a young age, and as a child had an unyielding will to create. She would often be found by her parents with art supplies in hand, crafting objects she could use herself.  She grew up in a large family where all gatherings seemed to center around food and conversation, and meals were a special time to relax and unwind. These memories and happenings from her childhood gave life to a desire to create, using functionality as a lens through which to examine objects and environments, the purposes they serve, and the influence they carry. Her ceramics work explores function through tableware and other utilitarian objects, while the function of her sculptural work is to create and influence an environment.

Joelle is currently an undergraduate BFA candidate at Louisiana State University studying ceramics and sculpture. She was recently nominated by LSU faculty for the Advanced Student Project Network at Red Lodge Clay Center, along with a nomination for Northern Clay Centers’ biennial “By recommendation” show which will be held in August of 2016.

Into the Previous Conversation

March 31, 2017
April 30, 2017
CI Group, 447 N 3rd St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Exhibition on view from March 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017

About Artist Tajreen Akter

I am an intimist.

I focus on my surroundings, in my studio or at home. I create still lifes from things that I use

every day and that I am intimate with. At first, I worked with fewer objects, but gradually I started adding more and more still life objects to create a more complex formal structure. Color, space, and composition are my priorities in selecting a subject. I make two kinds of still lifes: paintings from found compositions of objects that have made their way into my studio, and carefully composed still lifes generated by what I have discovered in the less formal paintings. The format is multiple, small panels. Added panels are part of my experiments with human visual experience. I add panels as needed for the visual game in my painting. For my subject matter, which is the intimate still life, I think small panels are more appropriate. The process helped me discover human perceptual illusion which added a new dimension to my work. I observe and paint the commonplace. As an artist, my goal is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The compositions I work with can sometimes carry a story, but sometimes they are simply a way of presenting a moment. In either case I am more open to and interested in a viewer’s stories than my own interpretations. The decisions I make are primarily formal and intuitive.

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